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Ancre service

We support you with consulting offers in sustainable solutions for the maritime sector

We start from your idea, draw up tailor-made specifications and look for the solutions corresponding to your needs.


Eligibility check

We have three focus areas and two options, is your project one of them?

New construction or refit for propulsion or hotel load

Purchase of a durable tender or re-engining of a current one

Acquisition of a sustainable green energy refueling station

Regulatory analysis

Training in the fundamentals of the energy transition in yachting

Your project is part of it ?

Des cahiers


Your project is our starting point.

We want to understand it and write your specifications. It must be tailor-made according to your needs.

Creation of your specifications


+ You don't waste time doing it yourself: explain to us, we structure!

+ Time saving: We are specialized in these subjects, the answers are faster, and we have a dedicated network.


For the duration defined together and the objective of the study, we work to find the solution or solutions best suited to your project.

Work in progress...

We: Research - Study - Analyze


+  An interlocutor: And yet a multitude of sought-after products.

+ Controlled time: We determine the duration of the study together, you know how long you will have an answer. And, don't waste your team's time by asking them to work on something outside of their area of expertise.

+  Controlled budget : You know exactly how much you spend on this study. And, don't waste your teams' time



Final file

We give you and present the conclusions of our study.

If you wish to acquire a solution, we make the link with the supplier in order to save you time.


+  Avant-garde: Being a forerunner in sustainable navigation

+ Reduce pollution: Reduce its carbon footprint and its impact on the environment

+  Overview: We send you behind the scenes of our study with the steps and reasons for the choices in the final advice given.

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I want a personalized quote!

For any request beyond the framework of the above formulas, HY-Plug may create one tailor-made to meet your specific needs. Don't set limits, ask.

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